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: a brief history of musical insanity :

Once upon a time there were three little net.goths who went to the Slimelight, where they were each assigned very hazardous duties...

It was 1997 when spice mania shook the world. Alexa, an American media whore in London, posted to uk.people.gothic seeking musical collaborators, lack of talent no obstacle, to form a spice-powered goth band - world conquest guaranteed.

Ellie and Alexa had been friends for a couple of years and together they plotted a guerrilla assault on the musical establishment: glitter-lipped disposable bubblegum post-punk heroines ready to rock. Together with Jane they formed a powerful league against the world at large and bad make-up in particular. A triple-headed lyrical colossus dressed to kill and eager to oblige.

Ellie and Ridley had been friends since a drunken afternoon in Whitby and the Earth Calling Angela bass player joined for the first few sessions before moving on to pastures new. Enter David the all-conquering 'Spidosaur', self-effacing guitar god, who brought greater melodic depth to their nascent sound.

Everyone knew drummer Sarah from the Slimelight. Why she joined up was always a mystery, but they were glad to have her. Rehearsals followed in some of London's most salubrious studios amidst a frenetic whelter of lyric-writing and riff-wrangling, culminating in live recording sessions in 1998 and 1999.

When Sarah left to help set up a new London club hopes soured and after months of auditioning potential drummers Alexa lost her faith in the band's future, leaving to explore a punkier sound, and everything went on hold.

Summer 2004 saw the release of the Sindrome album, bringing together material from the 1998 and 1999 sessions.

R.I.P Toxic Frock.

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